Please not orders *will not* be shipped until after the 20th of September

EU Customers 🇪🇺

EU Customers,

Please shop here through my Etsy store. 

As many of you know from 1st July 2021 the VAT rules are changing, and it means I as a seller am responsible for paying VAT on your behalf. It means you get to pay VAT upfront, and avoid those pesky (expensive) fees, which since we made the ridiculous decision to leave the EU have kicked in.

There's only one slight problem with this - as a small business there is no mechanism for me to register to pay. Well there is, through an intermediary, where I would need to pay in excess of £2000 a year and I can't afford that.

So my way round this is to use my Etsy stop, and Etsy will collect the VAT for you. If you can't see things you'd like in my Etsy shop, please send me a message and I can create a listing or add things over there for you. 

I know it's a pain, and I'm really sorry, but until there is a way for me to personally register to pay VAT I will have to do it this way!

Emma x