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EU Customers 🇪🇺

EU Customers, 

As you know since the B word and then various changes in VAT etc it's been a pain in the bum shipping from the UK to the EU and vice versa as we incur VAT on any purchase.

You can now purchase in my store and pay VAT on all sales under £135/€150. This should make your delivery process much smoother and avoid the additional process fees when you purchase from me!

For my customers based in Germany and France, unfortunately I have had to stop shipping indefinitely due to VerPackG/Packaging legislation for e-commerce. Whilst everything I send is full recyclable, it just isn't viable to pay additionally for this service. Brexit was a huge hit to my business, followed by the VAT rules (I was lucky before as my products mainly went under the threshold), it has resulted in me going from having a thriving EU customer base to maybe a handful of orders a year. I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I will periodically check on the rules and pricing and hopefully I will be in a position where I can send items to you again.