Welcome to Yarnistry! I'm Emma, a lover of yarn and I'm also a chemist (hence the name!). Yarnistry was born in 2016 by accident almost. I'm always buying things to help me when I'm knitting and to try and make life a bit easier, but somehow I often miss bits in patterns such as decreases or increases and I hadn't found anything that could help...so I came up with the idea of instructional stitch markers. Yarnistry was born!!

All the items in my shop are designed, laser cut and hand finished by me. My acrylic is sourced and manufactured in the UK, with the exception of the specialised glittery acrylics. The plywood used for my stitch markers and other items is all sustainably sourced in the UK also. My packaging is also kept to a minimum, and all full recyclable.

In a new addition, I am now recycling my own acrylic! I try to make sure of all of my acrylic sheets as best I can to get the most out of the material and reduce waste. Unfortunately there's inevitably some left over. I've worked out a method that allows me to make small sheets (about 200mm x 200mm) of acrylic in all different colours. Please stay tuned for updates and releases of my recycled material.

If you have any questions, or you'd like some custom items, please send me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

I regularly update Instagram and Facebook with new products and also about my knitting escapades, so follow me @yarnistryshop for more information about me and Yarnisry.