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Club and Subscription FAQ

I thought I'd have little page on my clubs and subscribing to them

When will clubs be posted?

For monthly shipping customers, it will be the last week of the month. I'll post on my social media pages with updates too, it's worth giving me a follow on either Facebook or Instagram. 

What's all the options for International customers, it hurts my brain!?

I've struggled to find the best way to offer the clubs to my international customers, as shipping is so blooming expensive. So, I've got a solution, I think.

I'm offering clubs with shipping schedules for monthly, quarterly (3 month) and 6 month shipping.

Monthly shipping customers, I've reduced the postage to £4. It isn't tracked, but it's worth a try. 

3 monthly and 6 monthly subscriptions, they're still going to be sent tracked. For EU customers I would recommend buying the 3 or 6 month boxes, to avoid charges (Although I'm happy to process through Etsy so you can pay VAT upfront, please just email me to arrange it). 

If you use the 3 month subscription it saves you about £2.50 from the 1 month, and the 6 month saves about £15 in shipping (£9.50 from the 3 month box).

We're going to give it a go, and see how we get one! We might change things, it's a bit of a learning curve!

How do subscriptions work?

I've decided to add an app to my Shopify called ReCharge. This allows you to sign up to a subscription, either monthly for UK customers, or monthly/3months/6months for International.

When you sign up you will be automatically charged, this is your first month paid. You'll then automatically be charged on the 1st of the next month for the next box. If you need the charge date changed, I can do that too - just email! 

Being honest, I'm hoping this works for everyone, and it's a nice easy way for people to join in the club and not have to faff about buying each month. You can cancel at any time, and if you have any problems please let me know.

This is a bit of a learning curve for me and my shop, I've never used a system like this but we'll keep and eye on it and hopefully iron out the creases.

What sort of words will be in the clubs?

There's two boxes, one which will all be swearing, and one that won't. Both work on the same basis, there will be words from all over the world, in different languages. A different one each month. Hopefully they'll make you laugh and you'll enjoy learning a new word or two! 

If you subscribe to both boxes, they'll be shipped together saving you on postage.