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Yarn and politics badges

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Yesterday Ravelry stood up and said it was banning support of Donald Trump and his administration. You can read their full statement here. It's refreshing seeing a large business in our community standing up for something so positively, and morally correct and protecting their community. They've had a huge amount of support for their decision, and lots of men wearing MAGA hats are very upset. As usual, the normal cries of 'stick to knitting', 'I come here for pretty pictures not politics' has started. Oh go away, you're so lucky to have that privilege, try doing something good with it. So I made some badge, because it annoys me so much, because I'm able to sit and knit AND think AND discuss politics. Revelation that people can do more than one thing at a time.

'No, I will not just sit and knit'

'Yes I knit, Yes I engage in politics'

'I knit AND do politics'

'I craft AND do politics'

'No, I will not just sit and crochet'

'No Trump' (sung to No Scrubs).

And for good measure, with a very large dollop of sarcasm and so I can avoid these people;

'Stick to knitting'

Don't see the wording you want? You can make a custom badge here

Available as a either a 25mm badge, 38mm badge, 45mm badge or key ring.