Coronavirus Charity Beaver

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I think no matter where you are in the world at the moment, it's all very chaotic, for lots of people very frightening and just total carnage. I wasn't really sure what I can (or if!) do to help, but saw lots of articles about food banks struggling, mainly because every idiot is out unnecessarily buying 198498732 toilet rolls leaving nothing for anyone else. 

So to add a little bit of cheer, and hopefully a little bit of a laugh, I thought I'd do a charity beaver with £1 from ever capsule sold going to a Food Bank charity. I'll then round it up to a hopefully nice large number! If anyone has any suggestions for charities please let me know, my initial thought was The Trussell Trust but I'm open to suggestions.

Each capsule will contain 4 markers on bulb pins. One will be a beaver marker, and the others all 'Coronavirus' related. For example, toilet rolls, pasta, bags of flour, a virus, soap, a bottle of Corona etc. We'll have golden and holographic TOILET ROLLS for winners...this is where things are a touch different. Golden Toilet Rolls will win you a prize - a skein yarn. It could be anything from Lollipop Guild to the Countess  to Qing, Pook to HeyJay Yarns. They're from my personal stash, but all kept properly and all beautiful (I think!) If you win I'll contact you about colours/ideal type. That'll give people gorgeous yarns to cast on a project with if we all get isolated! Holographic toilet rolls stay the same and you get another go on the beaver.

The plan is the draw will be on the 5th April 7pm UK time. It's my Dad's birthday on the 4th, so moving to a Sunday!! I'll message people with their numbers so they can watch the draw live over on Instagram and see what they have.

As it stands everything is shipping as normal here in the UK, and I believe abroad too. Please be aware that we're all at the postal god's mercy, well the virus and the Government's, so things may change. I'll keep everyone updated, though.