Sock knitting stitch markers

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Set of 8 large acrylic stitch markers, in various colours with different knitting reminders. Each set consists of:

2 x K2T (Knit 2 Together)
2 x SSK (Slip Slip Knit)
2 x M1L (Make 1 Left)
2 x M1R (Make 1 Right)

Each marker has a split ring attached to it, which come in 3 different sizes; medium (up to 4 mm needles), large (up to 6mm needles) and extra large (up to 7.5mm needles), alternatively you can have the markers attached with bulb pins. You can now order an extra set of bulb pins with your stitch markers to make them removable markers, I have rainbow sets and also black - please contact me if you require a specific colour.

The markers themselves are approximately 3cm long and 1cm wide.

Each set will have a mixture of colours in your selected colour way and may differ slightly from the above pictures. The stitch markers come supplied on a large split ring ideal for keeping them safe when not in use!

I can do custom stitch markers in a variety of different shapes and sizes, please contact me if you have any questions.