I'm in holiday mode for a few days, but you'll be able to purchase Yarnistry items again from the 4th December!

Lucky dip bag!

Lucky dip bag!

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A lucky dip (pot luck) bag of stitch markers from Yarnistry. Now with a choice of 'stitch markers only', or 'stitch markers plus extras'.

If you select 'stitch markers only' your dip will contain at 16 stitch markers, you can select fittings of either bulb pins, 6mm rings, lever backs or a mix of all of them

If you select 'stitch markers plus extras' you'll get 8 stitch markers, plus extras which *may* include bags, pens, pencils, stickers, pin badges, ribbon, decorative tapes, prints and more (this list isn't exhaustive and you won't definitely receive the items listed). Your bag will be worth more than you paid for it!

I've also added another option 'swears' or 'no swears'. If you select 'swears', swear, boob, knobs etc might be included in you lucky dip. If you don't want things like this, please select 'no swears;